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25 August 2011 20:27
Development Study Doctorate Graduate Program Open Exam

Development Study Doctorate Graduate Program Open Exam

The Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) Development Study Doctorate Graduate Program held an open exam for I Wayan Damayana, on Tuesday (8/23). In the exam, I Wayan Damayana succeeded to defend his dissertation titled “Menyama Braya: A Study of Change in Balinese Society”.

Acting as the head of the exam was Prof. Pdt. John Titaley, Th.D, with dissertation supervisor Prof. Christantius Dwiatmadja, SE., ME., PhD; co dissertation supervisors Prof. Dr. Ir. Sony Heru Priyanto, MM, and Dr. David Samiyono, MTS., MSLS. The three examiners in the open exam yesterday were Prof. Daniel D. Kameo, SE., MA., PhD, Dr. Daniel Nuhamara, M.Th, and Dr. Pamerdi Giri Wiloso, M.Si.

Overview of the Dissertation

These research results revealed that to describe local knowledge of menyama braya (visit during religious festivals and social events) that has importance for Balinese society, where all humans are relatives, now has experienced change in regression understanding. Various social phenomena like Ajeg Bali (maintain Balinese cultural traditions and values), globalization, tourism, suryak siu tradition, newcomers, regional autonomy, and religious militancy have significant contributions in these changes. Building relationships in changes and building relationships inside God can become alternative solutions as a conception and implementation from a longing to return and revitalize the meaning of menyama braya in the relations of a multicultural Balinese society.

I Wayan Damayana previously finished a Master’s Degree in Religion Sociology in the Theology Faculty of SWCU in 2005. Then starting in 2008, this preacher from Bali Protestant Christian Church (GKPB) continued his education in the Development Study Doctorate Graduate Program.

Next Open Exam

In the near future, the Development Study Doctorate Graduate Program will also hold another open exam. On September 5th, an open exam will be conducted for Oktia Woro Kasmini for her dissertation titled The Value of Youngsters and Snacks in a Sociological Context: A Study about the Nutritional Status of Youngsters in a Nutrition Susceptible Environment in Pecuk Village, Mijen Sub District, Demak Regency, Central Java. Following on the same day will be Bele Antonius with his dissertation titled Parent Conscience, Spiritual Capital in Development. (i_wayan/at/upk_bphl/photo:dokprib).